Tuesday, July 24, 2012

(Inside) Feather Music

bird flight
inside the sound
of a piano

Haiga ~ Image with Haiku as One Work

Slightly Altered Photograph

8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
Nikon D80 Digital Camera
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6


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    1. aloha Terminally Ill - thanks for visiting - cool on music - it's an amazing world - aloha.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick, I am blown away by the beauty of your art and your haiku. Absolutely STUNNING. So happy you visited my blog, so I could stumble in here and have a feast of beauty!

  3. aloha Sherry Blue Sky - thank you. i'm delighted you came to explore. in the last few years i've been working more and more with haiku - and haiga (which is a great match up for me because i am quite visual). i've explored words in my visual work off and on for years. more recently i'm finding there are names for these kinds of things. wow on that. it's an amazing world we live in...

    the range of people exploring haiku and haiga across the planet is exciting to me. it's fun to find these people and see what they are doing with these same areas in very different ways - and yet all related at the core.

    this blog - the (19 Planets) Access Gallery - is intended to make some of my work accessible to people through digital and new technologies.

    while my WP blog - A 19 Planets Art blog - tends to be what i'm doing moment to moment.

    - and my dotcom - - shows more of my work as a visual artist and what i like to do in other areas as well.

    it's very cool to meet you - I see that as a result of some of the recent prompt play that i'm having fun with too. fun on. aloha.

  4. aloha Rick.beautiful musical poem.thanks for ur generous comments.

  5. aloha Abin - thank you. this is an amazing time in the haiku and haiga world (imo) - and for poetry and writing in general too. it's awesome to see what others do. i liked the way you worked with sound in your words and lines. way fun. aloha.

  6. Rick,
    Very innovative take. It has that special blend of art to photography rare around the community. Fantastic!


  7. aloha Hank - "art to photography" - i like that, thank you.

    i've been thinking that at one time we used to say "i take a photograph" - i think now it's more correct to say "i make a photograph" with all the options to work an image after the shutter snap. indeed - we can make a photograph without clicking a shutter. and yeah. the fun part is - creating. - fun. aloha.

  8. Very very unique and true, yes. (I imagine at times the birds are landing more often than at others.) Thank you for visiting my blog, too.

  9. aloha Susan - yeah, i suspect birds have their own piano flight agenda. interesting sound that landing... fun. fun to see what others are doing too - aloha.