Friday, October 26, 2012

A Borrowed Mirror

A Borrowed Mirror

The 14th line attributed 
to Doh in a poem 
by Oira D. Dadkcir
from A 17th Planet ~
The 6th Moon Janus

on the other side
of the mirror

118 borrowed moons
into a surrealist 
my own 
on the other side
of the mirror

in my diary one 
or two i never write
over and over
facing the elephant
on the other side
in the mirror

the blue elephant
blue elephant



a planet
these autumn seeds
in lint

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Scanner Photography 
  • Altered Photograph
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Epson Perfection V300 Photo Scanner
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Haibun ~ Writing – prose or poetry – with haiku, and in this case image as well.


  1. This is my favorite - love the blue the blue tones.......the art and the beautiful writing. A feast!

    1. aloha Sherry Blue Sky - bwahahaha - somehow... that you like the blue elephant and blue tones doesnt surprise me - altho it does delight me. i have to say i like that "Blue Sky" too. thank you - a feast is cool. aloha.

  2. I like how you use the mirror here as a magic carpet, a double-sided frame, a window between cultures, a "something blue" for a wedding in surreal borrowings. Babar?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    2. aloha Susan - cool - i like that you see it "as a magic carpet" between cultures - or worlds maybe??

      yeah, blue has a lot of connections - okay, most colors do, both positive and not so positive connections. it's when we use color that way that it comes out strongest i think.

      i hadnt thought of Babar actually, but i can see the connection.

      there are some blue ceramic elephants at the entrance to a drive near here. i've seen them in some of the shops in china town too. and also blue glass elephants at one of the big flea markets here. those ares what i was thinking about - and thought i might use - as i've photographed those.

      i got to this point in the work and realized that more would be going to far. i had a number of other ideas i had thought about working into the image - but i realized i'd be going away from this place that i liked. so i stopped where it is because it was already doing what i wanted it to do.

      i think at this point there is a lot of beautiful room for a reader to explore. i like when that happens so in some ways if i explain or show too much i limit my viewer.

      " 'something blue' for a wedding in surreal borrowings" - i like that.

      fun. aloha.

      at least that's my current thinking.